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Minnesota Driver’s License Written Exam Prep

Career Field:  General

Adult Career Pathway:  General / Multiple

Type: Exam prep class

Prepares students for: Success on the Minnesota driver license written exam

Target Student Population: CASAS 205+

Access Curriculum:  LINK COMING SOON

Course Description: This class is designed to help unlicensed adult drivers become familiar with the basic vocabulary, signs and rules of the road so they can successfully pass the written portion for their Minnesota Driver’s License. The course covers most of the topics in the Minnesota driver’s education manual, which includes: MN traffic laws and regulations, the roadway system, the effects of impaired driving, and driving conditions.

Duration: 1.5 hour sessions, four days a week, 6 weeks (36-40 hours of instruction)

Curriculum Materials: The following are included in the course overview document and in the Google Folder of instructional materials:

  • Course Outline (intro, rules, class dates & time)
  • Identification Requirements
  • Knowledge and Road Test Check Lists
  • Minnesota Driver’s Manuals (pages will change with each new edition)
  • Worksheets/ handouts
  • Top Test Questions (will need to manually cut and paste small road signs on some questions)
  • List of websites for independent practice, including
    • Quizlet.live (double check to make sure questions and signs are correct before using)
    • Kahoot (double check to make sure questions and signs are correct before using)

Curriculum Pluses: Course overview provides daily lesson plans that are easy to follow, with a standard class format.  Extensive test practice with daily quizzes of multiple choice questions similar to the actual test, including answer keys.  Five Review documents require responses to open-ended questions.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Google folder includes 30 other documents that are not organized into folders, may require some work to figure out how they relate to the daily lesson plans.

Author: Jill Beulke, Osseo Area Schools

Created: 2017


Kristina Yang, Osseo Area Schools
763-566-5452 / [email protected]