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MN Driver’s Permit

Career Field: General

Adult Career Pathway:  Multiple

Type: Exam prep

Prepares Students for: Passing the Minnesota driver’s license knowledge (written) exam

Target Student Population: ELL 3 to ADP/GED

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description: This course is written for a wide range of learners who want support studying for the MN Knowledge (Written) Exam.  The course follows the Minnesota Driver’s Manual chapters 1-8. Each class session begins with vocabulary, followed by a pre-test on the contents of the chapter.  Next is a class activity such as describing diagrams from the driver’s manual, then practice of sample test questions (paper copies of items drawn from online practice tests), all based on that chapter’s content.  Finally, students work independently. They choose from doing an online practice test, studying the driver’s manual, more vocabulary practice or worksheets from other driver’s ed sources.

Duration:  8 class sessions, 2 hours/session = 16 hours of instruction

Curriculum Materials: Course outline; vocabulary worksheets, daily activity worksheets (pretests, driver’s manual diagrams for discussion, paper copies of sample test questions from online tests); link to online practice test; link to MN Driver’s Manual (pdf)

Curriculum Pluses: Vocabulary is supported through weekly lists and repetition. The activities can be adapted for differentiated instruction.  The class covers the driver’s manual in the time allotted.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Content material of driver’s manual is huge and not all covered in this 8 week course. Given the content, vocabulary and reading level of the manual and test, this course may be especially overwhelming to English learners of level 3 and 4 and native speaker learners with low reading comprehension.

Author: Julie Lindholm, St. Paul ABE

Created: 2019


Alison Shank, St. Paul ABE
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Renada Rutmanis, St. Paul ABE
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