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Office Support – Bridge Course

Course Title: Office Support

Career Field:  Business/Administration

Adult Career Pathway:  Office Assistant, Receptionist, Front Desk

Type:   Bridge course

Prepares Students for:  Employment as office assistant or customer service, additional training complement with healthcare and education career pathways classes

Target Student Population:  ABE students with minimum CASAS Goals 903/904  217+

Access Curriculum: Canvas LMS. Click here to view instructions on how to access Canvas Commons to see the class. If you open a free teacher account in Canvas, you can download the class from Canvas Commons for use.

Course Description:  This bridge course will prepare students for a front desk/customer service position.  Students will learn personal communication skills, practice digital literacy skills, the basics of appointment scheduling and other office skills such as time management and teamwork.

Duration: 10 classes: 2.5 hrs once a week = 25 hrs of instruction (plus 2-3 hrs/week asynchronous student learning in Canvas)

Curriculum Materials:  Curriculum is accessed by the teacher and student through Canvas. Materials in Canvas includes: class resource links, syllabus, course overview, CCRS, TIF/ACES and digital literacy standards; overview of Office Support careers, reading assignments, reflection writing, vocabulary assignments, discussions (synchronous and asynchronous), videos, quizzes, assignments to create authentic workplace technology products, and class survey.

Curriculum Pluses:  Class can be taught using flexible delivery models: in person only, hybrid, or online only. Curriculum uses multimedia and consistent assignments each week. Students can see their progress on assignments (grades) and continue to learn/interact with each other outside of synchronous class time. Curriculum is very strong in developing student awareness of important workplace (soft) skills (ACES/TIF) and having students produce and practice authentic, contextualized workplace skills.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Currently, curriculum is only available to use via Canvas LMS.  Students must have a device (and Internet) to fully participate in this class. Teachers must be comfortable learning Canvas and knowing more about the basics of Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Meet.  Some of the curriculum may need some explanation with lesson plan notes. Some students may need additional help navigating Canvas/assignments.

Author:  Deb Sandvig, Metro South ABE

Created:  2021


Deb Sandvig (Instructor)
Metro South ABE

Alison Wilcox (Metro South Career Pathways/Canvas support)
952- 681- 6122 / awilcox@isd271.org