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Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Resident Assistant

Type:  PCA exam preparation course

Prepares Students for:  Employment as a PCA by obtaining occupational certifications in PCA and CPR/First Aid

Target Student Population:  ABE students with a minimum CASAS Goals 903/904  210+

Access Curriculum: Canvas LMS. Click here to view instructions on how to access Canvas Commons to see the class. If you open a free teacher account in Canvas, you can download the class from Canvas Commons for use.

Course Description:  This course will prepare learners to take the Personal Care Assistance (PCA) and Community First Supports and Services (CFSS) Test. Students will become familiar with the types of jobs that Personal Care Assistants get hired for and typical job duties. Students will have the opportunity to earn a CPR/First Aid certification.

Duration:  12 classes: 3 hrs/week = 36 hrs of instruction (plus 2 hrs/week asynchronous student learning in Canvas)

Curriculum Materials:  Curriculum is accessed by the teacher and student through Canvas. Materials located in Canvas include: class resource links, syllabus, course overview, LOs; CCRS, TIF/ACES and digital literacy standards

Curriculum Pluses:  Class can be taught using flexible delivery models: in person only, hybrid, and online only depending on the LMS used. Curriculum uses multimedia and consistent assignments each week. Curriculum is very strong in building consistent knowledge of the human body, developing healthcare vocabulary and reading skills, and providing the support needed for students to understand and pass the PCA and CPR/FA certifications by the end of class.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Currently, curriculum is only available to use via Canvas LMS. Students must have a device (and Internet) to fully participate in this course. Teachers must be comfortable learning Canvas and learning PCA content first. Some of the curriculum may need some explanation with lesson plan notes. Some students may need additional help navigating Canvas (or another LMS) and assignments. The PCA

Author:   Brigid Tully, Ed.D, Metro South ABE

Created:  2021


Brigid Tully, Ed.D  (Instructor)
Metro South ABE

Alison Wilcox (Metro South Career Pathways/Canvas support)
952- 681- 6122 / awilcox@isd271.org