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Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students For:  CNA class at local college (Lake Superior College)

Target Student Population:  TABE reading level equivalent of 6.0 or above

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Provides a broad overview on a variety of skills and vocabulary needed to be a CNA. Students learn about various healthcare settings along with important workplace vocabulary, soft skills and potential career pathways. Students explore math necessary to be a CNA and gain knowledge of personal finance math.  Also includes a growth mindset presentation and activity.

Duration:  3 hours a day, 12 days = 36 instructional hours

Curriculum Materials:  Organized in Google folders, with one folder for each day.  Daily materials include a simple lesson plan, vocabulary list and quizzes, instructional PowerPoint slides with accompanying worksheets, journal writing cues, and other learning activities.

Curriculum Pluses:  Well organized and easy to follow.  PowerPoint presentations include lots of course content along with visuals.  Vocabulary lists are useful.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  The course utilizes kahoot.com for independent vocabulary practice (there are a variety of CNA vocab learning games), but the specific kahoot links used are not included.  The personal finance curriculum is not included, because it was developed by a third party and is copyrighted.

Author:  Linnea Lebens, Duluth ABE; with various materials drawn from other curricula in ATLAS ACP online resource library

Created:  2019


Linnea Lebens
Duluth ABE
[email protected]