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TEAS VI & TEAS VI for Allied Health Test Prep Class

Career Field: Health

Adult Career Pathway: Nursing and Allied Health Professions

Type: Exam preparation course

Prepares Students for: TEAS VI and TEAS VI for Allied Health Tests (TEAS: Test of Essential Academic Skills, a basic aptitude test used with nursing school applicants)

Target Student Population: TABE Reading 9.0

Acces Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: A rigorous course that covers English, reading, math and science knowledge required for the TEAS Tests. Students also gain knowledge of the content and structure of the tests, develop critical thinking and reduce test-taking anxiety. Course content is based on topics in the TEAS Study Guide, available in class and for purchase. Requires extensive study outside of class.

Duration: 15 three-hour classes = 45 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Includes student syllabus, instructional PowerPoint presentations, and student worksheets/materials. Uses the ATI TEAS Version 6 Study Guide, ISBN 9781941743904 (must be purchased by students or program), which includes practice exams. (Note: Official ATI online practice exams are $46; grant, program or student funds are required to cover this cost if a program wants to include this as part of the course.)

Curriculum Pluses: Each class has lesson plan, objectives, PowerPoint presentations and teaching materials – sufficient to teach the course. The curriculum is based on the current version of the TEAS tests.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Lesson plans are not provided. Pace of class is very fast, with minimal scaffolding to support student mastery of knowledge/skills. Some supplemental materials are posted to an Edmodo site by instructor; other ABE programs are not able to access this site, though the instructor could share screenshots of how it is structured and what is posted.

Author: Caroline Nerhus, Central MN-East ABE

Published: 2015

Contact: Caroline Nerhus, Central MN-East ABE
763-689-6228 / [email protected]