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Workforce Atlas

Career Field:  Multiple

Adult Career Pathway:  Multiple

Title:  Workforce Atlas

Type:  Free online career pathways platform

Prepares students to:  Achieve professional, academic and personal goals

Target Student Population: Intermediate and Advanced ABE and ESL students

URL:  https://www.workforceatlas.org/

Description:  Not a course, but a resource that can be used in any career pathways course/program.  Resources include videos, worksheets, templates, and career-specific guides and infographics.  An Implementation Guide is provided for instructors/program staff for effective utilization of the website.  Includes:

  • An online account learners can create to help them keep track of their different career pathways recommendations.
  • A user-friendly assessment that measures learners’ literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Assessment-based career pathways recommendations including occupations, online resources, and local providers.
  • Resources including popular jobs, interview tips, tips on how to reach personal goals, and more.
  • An Implementation Guide available to help educators and program directors get the most value out of Workforce Atlas.

Duration:  N/A

Pluses:  Workforce Atlas can be accessed on an individual basis or within the context of a career pathways course / program.  The individual learner account allows continuity along the steps of a career pathway program.

Drawbacks:  Not a curriculum.  Infographics are based on 2018 data, which will quickly be outdated.

Author:  ProLiteracy and Pearson

Published:  2019

Contact person:

ProLiteracy, info@proliteracy.org, 888-528-2244, or submit questions at https://www.workforceatlas.org/contact