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Listening in L2

Facilitating Adult Learner Interactions to Build Listening and Speaking Skills

This Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) brief was written for teachers who are interested in learning about the positive effects of classroom interaction on language learning. It describes techniques to promote successful language learning interactions in the adult education classroom, and provides examples of activities. Finally, it discusses special considerations for using learner interaction activities in classes with beginning-level learners.


TAGS: research, teaching strategies, classroom activities, communicative

Listening with a Purpose: 7 Types of ESL Activities

A good listening activity has a clear purpose develops students' listening comprehension skills, and does not have students listening for the sake of listening. This article from Busy Teacher outlines different approaches that the teacher can take when planning the purpose of a listening activity so that students can strengthen a variety of listening comprehension skills.

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TAGS: classroom activities, teaching strategies, teaching resources, article

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab is an online, multimedia listening website designed to help ESOL students improve their listening comprehension skills in English. The website is completely free and requires no login. On the website, there are over 300 original learning quizzes and activities cover both functional language topics, which can be used for teacher-directed instruction or for self-access learning. The listening quizzes are arranged according to level based on topic and contain a variety of learning tasks.

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Rong Chang Listening Collection

This is a collection of online listening tracks for ESL learners. There is a wide range of topics and levels featured, and all of the sites include an audio track and a reading text.

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TAGS: online resources, listening, audio, listening comprehension, website