Adult Career Pathways Resources

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Healthcare Career Foundations

For students interested in exploring healthcare careers (inc. CNA, health unit coordinator, phlebologist, emergency medical technician).  Students develop vocabulary and pragmatic awareness for appropriate communications with various people within a healthcare setting. Focus also includes reading, language, digital literacy and numeracy skills. || AUTHOR: William D.  Crozier, Winona Adult Basic Education

Introduction to Health Careers (Adult Options)

Introduces learners to many and varied entry-level and higher-level healthcare positions and builds basic knowledge and skills relevant to any healthcare work.  Topics include hand washing, infection control, basic living needs for humans, and vital signs.  Also covers body systems.  General job-seeking skills are also developed. is used to develop individualized career plans. || AUTHOR: Steve Gernbacher, Adult Options in Education

Introduction to Healthcare Careers (Hubbs)

Introduces students to a variety of healthcare careers, including nursing assistant, nurse, medical interpreter, emergency medical technician, home health aide/PCA and medical receptionist. Students learn about different healthcare settings and career paths, as well as basic health vocabulary specific to each career. Students practice cooperative learning, professional communication, writing for work, and technology skills. || AUTHOR: Sarah Northrup and Carlynn Miller-Gore, St. Paul ABE

Introduction to Healthcare Careers (Metro South)

Provides an overview of entry-level healthcare careers available in four categories – patient care, imaging and diagnostics, administrative and support services, and health information and records – plus an introduction to vocabulary and concepts that are explored more in-depth in higher level career pathways courses. || AUTHOR: Brigid A. Erickson, Ed.D., Metro South ABE