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Adult Career Pathways Curriculum Resources

This Adult Career Pathways (ACP) curriculum library is designed as a resource for ABE administrators and instructors as they develop ACP programming. 

Programs can use these resources to build on the practice of others in the field and avoid starting from scratch for curriculum design. Each curriculum has been reviewed, and the library entry includes a useful quick-reference overview for the user. (The library was started in September 2016; additions will be made regularly through mid-2017. Materials include curricula formerly housed in “MnROC”, which will soon be closed down.)

How is this library structured?

In this library, curricula are organized by Career Fields on the right-hand side. When you choose a Career Field, you will find a list of course curricula on the right. Choose a course and you will see the overview and a link to complete curriculum materials.

What all is included?

Course “curricula” in this resource library include some that are highly structured, prescriptive, detailed and complete; some that are clearly structured with fairly complete materials; and some that are not structured curricula but a set of teaching materials. Feedback from the field has led us to include all three types as useful reference/starting points.

Do you have curricula to recommend or request?

If you have Adult Career Pathways (ACP) curricula to share, or a curriculum request, please contact Liz Andress, ATLAS Adult Career Pathways Consultant.

Search the ACP Resource Library

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