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Burlington English Career Exploration and Soft Skills

Course integrates instruction on career pathways with essential workplace soft skills. Students explore career clusters, plan a possible career pathway, learn about education and training, and master the interpersonal and workplace soft skills they need to ensure success in the workplace. || AUTHOR: Burlington English

Career and College Success

This course introduces students to career and college exploration. It integrates instruction of soft skills needed for successful entry into career and/or college. It also integrates digital literacy and introduces students to Northstar Digital Website. Students work toward a goal of completion of Northstar Digital Certification. || AUTHOR: Rallou Rice, Metro North

College Readiness Navigation

This course is best used alongside or as part of an advanced academic English/GED course for college-bound students. Students will gain knowledge and skills related to higher education systems, and develop the transitions skills necessary to be successful within the postsecondary environment. || AUTHOR: Andrea Morgan and Lauren Hagen, International Institute of Minnesota

Creative Job Search Preparation Classes for ABE Students

Three stand-alone sessions: Getting Ready to Find your Job, Job Applications and Resumes, and Interviewing and Keeping a Job. Materials were designed as a lower literacy version of existing Creative Job Search workshops, to better serve ABE-level participants. The course was designed to be given by a team comprised of Workforce Center staff and ABE teacher. || AUTHOR: Donna McLean, Robbinsdale Area Schools, and Irene Connors, Minnesota WorkForce Center - Bloomington

Interpreter Careers – Training, certification and potential ABE roles

There is much to understand about a career as a language interpreter if an ABE program and partners want to build a career pathway in this area.  This document is a compilation of information about certification, training programs in Minnesota, employment opportunities, potential ABE roles, and critical issues to consider.

Level 1 Interpreter Training Program

Level 1 is an introduction to the terminology used in the Level 2 bridge training called The Community Interpreter (also known in the field as a 40-hour training). Also includes familiarization with technology skills and academic skills that will be used in Level 3 college classes. An additional component is career preparation, including resume development and interview practice. || AUTHOR: Lisa Gibson, Karen Organization of Minnesota

Minnesota Driver’s License Written Exam Prep

This class is designed to help unlicensed adult drivers become familiar with the basic vocabulary, signs and rules of the road so they can successfully pass the written portion for their Minnesota Driver’s License. The course covers most of the topics in the Minnesota driver’s education manual. || AUTHOR: Jill Beulke, Osseo Area Schools

MN Driver’s License Prep

The course focuses on the knowledge and requirements needed to pass the MN driver’s license written exam, based on the MN Driver’s Manual.  Focuses on road knowledge, traffic laws, vehicle operation and signage. || AUTHOR: Jennifer Hellekson, Detroit Lakes ABE

MN Driver’s Permit

This course is written for a wide range of learners who want support studying for the MN Knowledge (Written) Exam.  The course follows the Minnesota Driver’s Manual chapters 1-8. || AUTHOR: Julie Lindholm, St. Paul ABE

NYSED/CUNY CareerKits for HSE and ESL Learners

Not a course, but a resource for use in career pathway courses.  Its goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to make informed choices about their career paths.  Each CareerKit activity fulfills a dual purpose – the acquisition of career information and the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills that support achievement on standardized tests.  Units common across all CareerKits: Analyzing the labor market, Knowing myself, Getting prepared (education and experience), In their own voices (workers’ narratives), Technology and society, Choosing a career/finding a job, and Parenting is a job too. || AUTHOR: CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE/ESL Program

Pathway to Statistics

Pathway to Statistics is a co-requisite support for students in a Statistics course at Central Lakes College. Topics discussed include displaying and describing data, the normal curve, regression, probability, statistical inference, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests with applications in the real world. Students also have the opportunity to analyze data sets using technology. || AUTHOR: Erica Henke, Brainerd ABE

Practicing Reading & Writing Skills in English in the Workplace: High-Intermediate / Advanced Level

Develops skills and confidence in English reading and writing required in the learners’ current workplace. Reading comprehension focuses on charts, memos, and safety signs. Grammar practice includes prepositions, plurals and word order. Writing instruction builds skills in writing 5-sentence paragraphs and if-then statements. || AUTHOR: Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, MORE St. Paul

Practicing Speaking & Listening Skills in English in the Workplace: High-Beginning / Low-Intermediate Level

Develops skills and confidence in English speaking and listening, to improve communication in the current workplace.  Topics include time, giving and receiving instructions, asking for clarification, calling in late or sick, safety, and small talk.  Course was designed for and delivered at BIX Produce Co. || AUTHOR: Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, MORE St. Paul

Pre-Bridge Writing

Learners work with different genres of academic and workplace writing, applying writing standards throughout. These standards include: determining the purpose for a written communication; organizing and presenting written information in a way that serves the purpose; paying attention to the conventions of English language usage, including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure; and revising to enhance the effectiveness of written communication.  Part of the instructional content concerns the organization and content of various workplace documents. || AUTHOR: Oregon Pathways for Adult Basic Skills

Resources for students studying for a MN driver’s license written exam

A useful one-page list of key resources that can be used in a one-room schoolhouse setting to assist students preparing for the driver’s license written exam.  Includes the official MN Driver’s License Manual, several study sites and practice tests.

Workforce Atlas

Not a course, but a resource that can be used in any career pathways course/program.  Resources include videos, worksheets, templates, and career-specific guides and infographics.  An Implementation Guide is provided for instructors/program staff for effective utilization of the website. || AUTHOR: ProLiteracy and Pearson

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